BITMI Logos (06.09.2023)

– OCR 39
– BUG: Upgrading from IPA-Suite versions v7 directly to v9 may result in problems opening files from db (SOLVED)

*IPA-Suite Admin:
– BUG: In some installation it is possible to create users with same E-mail (SOLVED)

– BUG: Input .docx files are not deleted after process (SOLVED)

– Resolved issue selection of text in viewer is not always showing.
– Autoupdate double check if new IPA-DesktopClient version is available. (17.08.2023)

– Feature Extension: F11 will open a seperate window with all recognized Key-Value-Pairs recognized by KI (if licensed)
– Feature Extension: Document export now supports to export metadata also
– Feature Extension: Close a filer user can add documents to an object and dataset

– BUG: Aztec barcode was not recognized correctly for splitting documents (SOLVED) (01.08.2023)

– OCR 36

– Feature Extension: STRG + 1 will copy the actually opened document to the windows clipboard.
– Feature Extension: STRG + 2 will allow to split actually shown document and store it as a new document
– Feature Extension: New notification in bottom right corner of primary monitor
– Feature Extension: F8 will open the document in a seperate window. With this, multiple documents can be viewed at the same time.
– Feature Extension: Key-Value-Pair Extraction for enhanced KI
– Feature Extension: Pressing F6 will open list of available IPA-Server processes to handover document.
– Feature Extension: Adding predefined notes by pressing F7. Notes can be predefined in user settings.
– Message if unsaved changes in document added.
– Actual open PDF document in PdfViewer stays in Box if document has been changed and stored as new version, until document is been closed in PdfViewer.

– Faster search with huge amount of documents in db (20.07.2023)

– New extendend logging for connector.

– Workaround for SFTP servers that are not using port 22

– Long running search will be shown by busy indicator
– Workaraound for exception loading document history (12.07.2023)

– OCR 33

*IPA-Suite Admin:
– Feature Extension: User rights can be configured
– Feature Extension: In the configuration of the metadata of the document types, it can be defined how to recognize duplicate documents

– Framework Update with minor bugfixing
– Feature Extension: User rights are loaded with login
– Feature Extension: History shows changed metadataname
– Feature Extension: User gets a popup message, if the client recognize a duplicate document (03.07.2023)

– New administrator tool (IPA-DocStore-Analyser) to check file status and restore files from trash

– New connection to Office365 accounts ignoring Office365 TLS configurations (06.06.2023)

– Feature Extension: PDF Rendering and Text Extraction Engine can be defined in user settings. This can help with documents where text cannot be copied correctly or documents are not viewed correctly.
– Feature Extension: Checkbox to select if boxes automatically update.
– Feature Extension: Selected document in box is highlighted in color.
– Feature Extension: Adding a new version by dropping a file (same filetype) from the desktop to the PDF Viewer.
– Feature Extension: Exporting a PDF from DocStore, the user can select to it it as PDF, or as a TIF image. (15.05.2023)

– Localization included

– New viewer for docx filefomat
– Minimum width for metadatafields (27.04.2023)

New major Release with multiple feature extensions and completely new IPA-DesktopClient (17.02.2023)

– Feature Extension: E-Mail Filter Extensions
– Feature Extension: If an incoming PDF (E-Mail Input as attachment) is a portfolio PDF, this recognized as a non convertable format.

– BUG: Moving files to IPA-Server process can result in error

– BUG: Changing doctype in sorterbox will not set proper document status. This means, that after changing the doctype, the template metadfata is not recognized on new doctype. (SOLVED) (04.01.2023)

– BUG: On some SharePoint Online installations, storing documents on other sites than the main site is not working (SOLVED)

– Moving files to IPA-Server processes uses now also first watched folder if configured. Make sure the service is started with user that have rights to access this folder.

Use „–help“ parameter to get details
– New parameter to reset admin password
– New parameter to reset the IPA-Server root config
– New parameter to manually reactivate the fulltext search (09.12.2022)

– OCR 8

– BUG: In some cases scans can cause an internal error and IPA-Server service stops (SOLVED)

*IPA-Server Admin:
– BUG: Creating multiple output to OneDrive can result in app crach (SOLVED)

– Feature Extension: AutoProcess documents with defined checkboxes checked (Handbuch) (24.10.2022)

– E-Mail is send to administrator in the case the service stops

– BUG: Saving userlogin not possible (SOLVED)
– BUG: Wrong message showing when user toking button clicked (SOLVED) (30.09.2022)

– Office365 OAuth2 integrated for sending and receiving E-Mails using Office365
– SharePoint: no filesize limit anymore within IPA-Server

– SFTP is now supported
– BUG: Solved issue with scan to Word & Excel (10.08.2022)

– BUG: Login without storing userdata results in a hidden (not visible for user) application error (SOLVED)

– Checking on service start the free space on drive c.
– Information in logfile if a file in DocStore is recognized to be corrupt. (05.08.2022)

– OCR 184
– Updated IPA-DesktopClientInstaller

– Feature Extension: Supporting .heic (Apple photo format) file format for IPA-Server processes
– Feature Extension: Routine that remember corrupt files to not process them in a loop
– BUG: Solving a critical Bug, existing only in and, that can cause the IPA-Server Services to stop (SOLVED)

– Adding Boxname in document history (for all future box movements)
– Documents in recyle bin only can be restored. Panels for documents in recycle bin are not shown.
– BUG: Some documents are shown in recycle bin, also if they are not deleted (SOLVED) (27.07.2022)

– OCR 181
– No email send to users after restarting IPA-DocStore Service

– New Toolbar look
– New handling of documents assigning to boxes
– New context menu entry: Remove document from box
– New handling of comments for documents including filter for comments
– Feature Extension: Double clicking the text in a metadata field copies text to clipboard and selects complete text
– Feature Extension: Showing metadata in tooltip on mouse hover over document in box
– Feature Extension: Document history now shows if document from IPA-Server is originally a document coming from E-Mail-In module
– Feature Extension: Filter documents in boxes
– Feature Extension: Next document in Sorterbox
– Feature Extension: Delete document to recycle bin button in Sorterbox (29.06.2022)

– Feature Extension: If emailboxes are watched, you can now define filters which attachments are allowed. If attachments are not allowed, you can reject emails and send them back to sender. (Admin Guide)
– Feature Extension: If emailboxes are watched and attachment is a .msg or .eml, these attached email are also processed. In this case body and attachments of the msg/eml are processed as if they are regulary attached to the original email. (Admin Guide)

*IPA-Server Admin:
– Feature Extension: New DataExchanger rule: Replace with file content (Admin Guide)

– Feature Extension: New metadata LIST type: FolderBrowser. Shows existing folders under a root folder set in the configuration of the metadata. The folders are refreshed every 60 seconds. (Admin Guide) (14.06.2022)

*IPA-Server Admin:
– Feature Extension: Now anchors can be added to OMR configurations. This helps if zones are not correctly recognized for different scan qualities.

– Feature Extension: Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) finally integrated
– Feature Extension: Anchors in OMR zones. (09.06.2022)

– Changed handling for documents that are given to IPA-Server processes. Now only handled by database.
– Feature Extension: Extended metadata in xml for documents given to IPA-Server processes.

– Changed handling for documents that are given to IPA-Server processes. Now only handled by database.

*IPA-Server Admin:
– Feature Extension: Configurable function for downloading email attachments only if the attachment file format should be watched.

– Feature Extension: Configurable function for downloading email attachments only if the attachment file format should be watched.
-Changes and extended logging writing files to DocStore
BUG: If document text contains [ and ] character AND this text is used in variables, then document process can stop (SOLVED)
BUG: Using email in and variables of incoming messages to create subfolders, this can cause issues (SOLVED)

– Feature Extension: New Dashboard view
– Feature Extension: Reset status of specific document by docID
– Feature Extension: New metadata LIST type: FolderBrowser. Shows existing folders under a root folder set in the configuration of the metadata.

– Bug fixing: Now IPA-Suite Updates should have less problems since updates in db only run once (not again with every IPA-Suite update) (27.05.2022)

– OCR 174
– Battery of minor bugfixes

* IPA-Suite-Admin:
– Feature Extension: If metadata uses SQL queries to read values from external databases, now this supports also the use of IPA-Suite variables.

– Feature Extension: If metadata uses SQL queries to read values from external databases, now this supports also the use of IPA-Suite variables.

– Feature Extension: Encoding of import xml metafiles (05.05.2022)

– OCR 167

– Feature Extension: Scan to Microsoft OneDrive
– Feature Extension: Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
– Feature Extension: FTPS available for encrypted ftp communication. Scan to FTP now uses per standard FTPS if server supports TLS. If ftp-server is not supporting FTPS, it will automatically fallback and try FTP.
– Feature Extension: Up to 15 meta data values available
– Changes in GetPop3 routine
– BUG: Collecting emails with inline images in body, these inline images are processed as seperate attachments if processing body is enabled. (SOLVED)
– BUG: Storing image-PDF or image-files from IPA-Server in DocStore, these files cannot searched by fulltext (SOLVED)
BUG: In some situations the IPA-Server service crashes when configured to recognize documents with OCR languages deu and eng activated (SOLVED)
BUG: In some configurations xxy-files may stay in the process folder (SOLVED)

* IPA-Server Admin:
– Feature Extension: New OneDrive tab under Output->Cloud
– Feature Extension: New OMR tab in Process
– Feature Extension: If „Enable Image Enhancement“ is enabled, „Convert color scans into bitonal documents“ is enabled and Treshhold dis set to 0, the OCR will internally use the special image enhancement Sauvole. Try this, if your OCR result with noisy documents is not good.
– Feature Extension: Up to 15 meta data values available
– BUG: Delete logfile daily is not working properly in some circumstances (SOLVED)

– Changed handling in routines (25.02.2022)

* IPA-Server:
– Some scanners delivers pdf and tif images in wrong orientation plus exif information. Orientation and exif information is now validated by the IPA-Server itself and pages are rotated if needed.

– Extended functionality creating templates. Checking if anchor text is in doc. Checking if entries are ok.
– Extended logging to see performance issues with client site internet connection (Set logging to debug to get details)
– Performance Indicator entry in logfile if connection to database has low performance. With program start an entry with slow value is ok.
– BUG: Under some circumstances it could happen, that documents are shown as in use at yourself. (SOLVED)

* Office-AddIns:
– In some configurations no connect to database is possible. If a user is not logged in in IPA-DesktopClient storing his credentials, the user is no asked to authenticate if he wants to store files in the IPA-DocStore using the IPA-Office-AddIns.

– Changed routines to recognize templates
– BUG: In some cases backgroundservices change document status of deleted documents if they are deleted by users while processed by the service (SOLVED) (17.02.2022)

* IPA-Server:
– Authentication changes for Thunderbird Email-Server

– Minor Bugfixing with status of documents with doctype with no metadata

– Minor Bugfixing: Annotations can be added multiple times (16.02.2022)

– OCR 151
– Extended debugging in DBupdate
– SQL Updates
– Feature Extension: Upgrading v5 Versions directly to v8 possible

– Feature Extension: A box can be set for a document resubmissions
– BUG: Comments are not active (SOLVED)

* IPA-Suite-Admin:
– Minor licensing changes for trial licenses

– Feature Extension: Resubmissions on documents will add the document to a box. Every day at 01.00 am resubmissions are checked (04.02.2022)

– Feature Extension: Extended document status handling if files are in use by other users
– Feature Extension: Giving a document to an IPA-Server process, IPA-DesktopClient will first check if the document is changed. If so, the user will be asked to save the changes first.
– Feature Extension: Text annotations are also add to comments to make them better searchable in the DMS
– Changed stored password reset process
– Error 0227: Uncritical viewer issue (SOLVED)
– ERROR|Error renaming window: Uncritical viewer issue (SOLVED)

* IPA-Server-Admin:
– BUG: In some cases watching emailboxes is disabled for a process after creating a new main process (SOLVED)

* IPA-Suite-Admin:
– Feature Extension: Showing online status of users

– Feature Extension: Extended document status handling if files are in use by users that are offline (27.01.2022)

– OCR 148
– LS 7.6.1
– Windows Server 2022 & Windows 11 Support
– MariaDB update 10.6.4
– New userfriendly licensing for IPA-Suite
– New Installer for IPA-Suite Server-Components
– New Installer for IPA-Suite IPA-DesktopClient & IPA-Editor
– IPA-DesktopClient WebInstaller just unpacks files, no installation
– Feature Extension: New Word, Excel, PowerPoint Add-Ins to store directly in IPA-DocStore
– Minor Bugfixes

* IPA-Server:
– Feature Extension: New input format .eml is converted to pdf
– Feature Extension: Save in IPA-DocStore with Metadata from IPA-Server
– Feature Extension: New Cloud Connector to Tocco
– Feature Extension: New Cloud Connector to Vitec
– Feature Extension: Sending email to multiple recipients (to and cc)
– Feature Extension: Barcodes can be read on specific page using ~~3~~ in barcode search phrase. (this will read on page 3). If set page is higher then the count of pages in the document, the last page will be used.
– Feature Extension: Changes for incoming xlsm files that are transfered to the OfficeDocsConverter. If macros are in Excel file Sub new the file will not be processed by the OfficeDocsConverter. Instead it will be stored unopened in a folder under the input folder.
– Escaping xml forbidden characters in SwissQR codes
– Changes in IMAP routines to catch emails
– Enhancements in Office format rendering
– BUG: Trial Lizenz kann nicht aktiviert werden. Fehler kam mit (SOLVED)
– BUG: Critical Bug in OCR Engine could detect file as corrupt during ocr process and write it rpeated to error folder. (SOLVED)
– BUG: If input file extention is not written in small letters, output file contains always also input extension. (SOLVED)
– BUG: SwissQRCode variables are not cleaned for some scans (SOLVED)

* IPA-DesktopClient:
– Feature Extension: AutoUpdate for IPA-DesktopClient
– Feature Extension: Document retention periods
– Feature Extension: Box is hold open after document is processed
– Feature Extension: Extended search also in metadata
– Feature Extension: UpdateBox after giving document to IPA-Server process changed
– Feature Extension: Shows documents in boxes after they are processed by the IPA-DocStore Service to recognize template and metadata
– Feature Extension: PDF Password-Box dpi scaling corrected
– Feature Extension: DoctypeID is shown as row in Aktenview
– Feature Extension: No administrator rights needed for installation
– Feature Extension: Button to refresh boxes
– beaCheck is active in triallicense also
– Enhanced features in digital folder process. Documents that came from DocStore will be stored automatically as new version after downloaded by owner
– Hidden administration hotkey to reset document status (Shift + Alt + F12)
– BUG: Rechteproblem bei Suchen in Metadaten (SOLVED)
– BUG: Document is deleted from disk after saving it outside IPA-Store and use „close all documents (without saving)“
– BUG: UTF8 characters show incorrect (SOLVED)

* IPA-Server-Admin:
– Feature Extension: Enhanced IPA-Server configuration export
– Feature Extension: Extended metadata to store in IPA-DocStore with PDF
– Feature Extension: SMTP server settings now in IPA-Suite Admin
– Image stamp orientation was translated wrong. Instead of cm it was shown mm. Corrected.
– Max email user password lenght set to 475
– Tif compression is now located correctly in output configuration
– BUG: Loosing boxconfig after update from (SOLVED)

* IPA-Suite-Admin:
– Feature Extension: Document retention periods
– Feature Extension: Importing users with csv file
– Feature Extension: Empty recycle bin
– Feature Extension: Wipe database for account
– Feature Extension: Checking if SSL certificates are correct. Otherwise create new ones.
– Feature Extension: Central SMTP server settings
– Feature Extension: Delete single document by ID
– BUG: Cannot create multiple Doctypes without closing and reopening window (SOLVED) (21.09.2021)

*IPA-Suite Admin:
– Feature Extension: Metdata dropdownlist can load .txt or .csv file to get values
– Translation corrections

– Changes in digital signature folder (18.09.2021)

– Feature Extension: New hotkey F6 to open menu to forward document to IPA-Server process with closing document and also remove from box automatically.
– Feature Extension: Automatically detected templates can be removed and retrained. IPA can handle multiple templates for specific documents now also in one doctype.
– BUG: If a metadatafield is loading invalid data for the field, sometimes loading the rest of the metadata for the document fails (SOLVED)

*IPA-Suite Admin:
– BUG: Backup Popup shows wrong text for backup button (SOLVED) (27.08.2021)

– OCR 129
– BUG: Fulltext recognition (SOLVED)

*IPA-Suite Admin:
– Feature Extension: Added function to reset document status for all documents not in recycle bin. Afterwards all the documents will be processed again by the IPA-DocStore Service. (23.08.2021)

– OCR 128
– Mail 3.0.21231.1234
* IPA-Server:
– Feature Extension: Extended barcode reading on multipage documents. All pages are analysed and barcodes will be recognized. First found barcode will be returned. Please use search filter if you search for a specific barcode. (16.08.2021)

– OCR 127
* IPA-Server:
– Feature Extension: Now already processed files are not processed again even if they are in watched folders
– Multiple enhancements in overall system performance
– BUG: SwissQR Code sometimes not read when not on first page (SOLVED)
– BUG: DataExchanger configuration not completely visible in english OS versions (SOLVED)
– BUG: Loosing metadata variable in configurations where E-Mailsubject is changed by DataExchangerModule (SOLVED)
– BUG: Loosing license after Windows Update (SOLVED) (12.07.2021)

* IPA-Server:
– Feature Extension: Subject for incoming emails can be changed. This is important, if e.g. the subject of email is longer then 248 characters and should be used to create filename.
– Feature Extension: [(,)|EmailIn-Subject2] is set to email subject of incoming email before changing it. This variable can be used also in the later process.
– Feature Extension: Extended metafile creation. No overwrite and attach to existing metafile
– Changes in PDF/A conversion of incoming image PDFs. Every incoming PDF can now directly be converted to any PDF/A standard. (30.06.2021)

* IPA-Server:
– Enhancements in partly ocred pdf documents
– BUG: Sometimes barcodes are only recorgnized on first page only (SOLVED)

* IPA-Server-Admin:
– Feature Extension: Barcode type Aztec now supported

* IPA-DesktopClient:
– BUG: Show versions button is visible without beeing called (SOLVED) (18.05.2021)

*IPA-Suite Admin:
– Feature Extension: Deleting processed file after storing in IPA-DocStore
– BUG: Export from DocStore fails (SOLVED)
– BUG: Cancel login results in error message before closing (SOLVED)
– BUG: Wrong GUI message when cancelling a document export (SOLVED)

– Feature Extension: Selected document version can be exported
– BUG: Visibility of close button in stapler view (SOLVED) (05.05.2021)

* IPA-Server:
– Feature Extension: Metafile creation also supported with jpg output
– Feature Extension: different bodies for email output if max filesize is set. For details see documentation on website

– BUG: Sorterbox not starting (SOLVED) (28.04.2021)

*IPA-Suite Admin:
– New process to finally delete files in db

– Feature Extension: Non beA conform PDF can now automatically converted to be beA conform afterwards (22.04.2021)

* IPA-Server:
– Feature Extension: Copy metadatfile input now also working for getting unstructured string as file.

– Feature Extension: Check conformance beA of file and create beA conformance if is not
– Feature Extension: Splitting PDF files from selected page
– Feature Extension: Recycle bin
– BUG: copy file to clipboard from DocStore result in .tmp file copy (SOLVED)
– BUG: docs in recycle bin are shown in document search (SOLVED)
– Minimum screen resolution set to 1280×720

*IPA-Suite Admin:
– BUG: Notification email configuration is not stored (SOLVED)
– Starting new doctype screen if no doctype exists, e.g. after new installation (14.04.2021)

– OCR 110
* IPA-Server:
– E-Mail-Metadata is given to OfficeDocsConverter to use this data in follow-up process

– Feature Extension: Extended search in documents
– Feature Extension: Manually train metadata recognition by doubleclick on metadatafield
– BUG: Problems with dpi scaling (SOLVED) (31.03.2021)

– OCR 108
– New RA-MICRO Edition available exclusivly for RA-MICRO reseller partners

* IPA-Server:
– Feature Extension: Input from IPA-DesktopClient including xml metadata
– Changes in reading IMAP mailboxes
– BUG: Using network share as rootfolder can cause error 0170 in some case (SOLVED)
– BUG: If LDAP server IP is set it will try to contact LDAP although reading LDAP is disable in configuration (SOLVED)

* IPA-DocStore-Service:
– Feature Extension: New KI functionality to recognize metadata automatically after a template has been defined for a document.
– BUG: Showing wrong number of documents to import. Just an issue in the view! (SOLVED)

* IPA-Suite Admin:
– Feature Extension: Add metadata to doctypes
– Feature Extension: Daily user notification email can be disabled globaly
– Feature Extension: Create database backup and restore database
– BUG: Creating a new user the username is not supporting characters ._- or @ (SOLVED)

* IPA-DesktopClient:
– Feature Extension: Metadata for documents
– Feature Extension: New KI-Engine for automatic template training (double-click in metavalue field to describe regex manually)
– Feature Extension: Documents can be forwarded to IPA-Server process including metadata as xml file
– Feature Extension: Highlight searched text in document view (double click on document to disable highlightning)
– Feature Extension: IPA-DesktopClient can be started with start parameters to get search result directly after starting the application.
C:\it-scom\IPA-Suite\IPA-DesktopClient.exe „searchphrase example“
/c = Search also in comments
/n = search also in filename
C:\it-scom\IPA-Suite\IPA-DesktopClient.exe /c/n“searchvalue“
– Feature Extension: SorterBox functionality added. Doubleclick on boxname to start sorterbox.
– Feature Extension: Sorterbox supports Hotkeys SHIFT + STRG + [1-9]. If a graphical stamp is available, the stamp will be automatically placed on the document (right bottom corner) and document is automatically stored as new version.
– Feature Extension: DocumentViewer supports Hotkeys SHIFT + STRG + [1-9]. If a graphical stamp is available, the stamp will be automatically placed on the document (right bottom corner). ATTENTION: Document needs to be stored manually.
– BUG: GUI-Language is not loaded from configuration and must be set with every start (SOLVED)
Last release of version 6 includes minor bugfixes. (12.02.2021)
* IPA-Server:
– Special feature extension for customer process
– BUG: IPA-Server-Admin. No docx creation (low quality) possible without optional page package also if Enterprise license. (SOLVED) (10.02.2021)
– OCR 102
* IPA-Server:
– Feature Extension: Extended variable use for ChangeFileOwner
– Storing files in dateiAGENT (v1, v2, v3) is no longer possible since dateiAGENT is now integrated in IPA-DesktopClient
– Files from watched folders are now processed ordered by date/time
– BUG: Scaling of png files may not work for some files (SOLVED)
– Feature Extension: Search in document comments
– Feature Extension: IPA-DesktopClient can be started with parameter. The parameter is used as search string in DocStore and search result is shown immediately after program start. (C:\it-scom\IPA-Suite\IPA-DesktopClient.exe „combera london“)
– BUG: Move file to recycle bin is not working (SOLVED)
– BUG: Creating PDF from open imagefile sometimes not working properly (SOLVED) (01.02.2021)
* IPA-Server:
– Feature Extension: OCR now supports officialy multiple languages in one document. Languages can be set in IPA-Server Admin.
– Feature Extension: Folder Priority also handled with additional watched folders
– If file is scanned in folder without process, file will be ignored.
– Translations fixed (22.01.2021)
– OCR 101
– For all new installations, DocStore now is in DB per standard. For upgrades the DocStore in filesystem needs to be imported. Otherwise it will be in filesystem like before. To import files from filesystem to database, use ImportFilesToCloudDocStore.exe in IPA-Suite installation folder of IPA-Server(!).
– New tool ImportFilesToCloudDocStore: If upgrading from older versions using the DocStore in filesystem, this tool will import all files to DB. If result is success, the local files can be deleted after import. Needs to be done on IPA-Server (!), not on the client.
* IPA-Server:
– Specific customer routine for Rhenus. All PDF attachment will be merged to one file. Body is also merged into to get email from body. Body can be deleted by using delete because of page text. To activate this functionality just create an empty file with name ‚Rhenus-Sonderentwicklung_<USERNAME_EMAIL>‘ (e.g. ‚‘) in the IPA-Suite folder. To disable just delete this file. Service has to be restartet.
– Minor bugfixing (13.01.2021)
– OCR 99
– IPA-Settings.xml switched to read from Registry now. IPA-Settings.xml is deleted afer installation automatically.
– IPA-Suite only support x64 system from now on. No x86 is supported anymore.
* IPA-Server:
– Changed Sub AddFlag to add PrivateTag to every page. Previously it was only set on page one.
– Specific customer routine for Rhenus. All PDF attachment will be merged to one file. Body is also merged into to get email from body. Body can be deleted by using delete because of page text. To activate this functionality just create an empty file with name ‚Rhenus-Sonderentwicklung‘ in the IPA-Suite folder. To disable just delete this file. Service has to be restartet.
– Feature Extension: Introducing stapler to staple files virtually
– Search extension. Searching in filenames now also possible
– Changes in look and feel of search results, favorites and appointments
– BUG: Setting for textsize, text rotation and other settings are not saved after changing them in the settings (SOLVED) (16.12.2020)
* IPA-Server:
– BUG: Sometimes incoming PDF are not converted to set PDF/A conformance level (SOLVED)
* IPA-Server Admin:
– Translations (14.12.2020)
* IPA-Server:
– Feature Extension: Splitting incoming PDF documents because of text on page
– BUG: Incoming searchable PDF can stay in process with error finishing the process (SOLVED) (04.12.2020)
– OCR 93
– ipa_api changes
* IPA-Suite Admin:
– Dynamic scrollbars added for users, rooms, boxes and affiliation
* IPA-Server:
– Scan2Word in Minimum quality enabled again. A file with the name ‚oldWord.txt‘ must exist in installation folder. txt content: ‚image‘ to create word with image in background or ‚text‘ to create word with text.
– Feature Extension: E-Mail notification service sends e-mail every morning at 7am if documents needs follow-up or document are waiting in boxes.
– Feature Extension: Comments can be added to documents
– Handling of follow-ups changed (25.11.2020)
* IPA-Server Admin:
– Incoming password protected PDFs can be handled like non convertable formats.
– Multiple Metadata Outputfiles can be created during process. For details check online documentation. Splitter Metadatext: —<>— in extra line, Splitter Meatadatapath: ~, Splitter Metadataextension: ~ (19.11.2020)
– OCR .90
– BUG: Changing DB settings sometimes not are processed correctly (SOLVED)
– A template assigned to a document can be removed from the document
– Changes to the view of the templates (manual update of the TreeView)
– Changes in user management
– Loading single file with missing/unsure templates in one loop
* IPA-Suite Admin:
– Templates can be deleted
– Changes in admin user management
* IPA-Server Admin:
– Changes in admin user management
– Master/Slave configuration IP handling changed (28.10.2020)
– OCR .88
– BUG: Creating PDF-A documents result sometimes in a pdf-x file. (SOLVED)
– Feature Extension: Template training implemented
– BUG: User cannot load his boxes because of missing doctypeID in database (SOLVED)
– Feature Extension: Template recognition (14.10.2020)
– OCR .87
– DailyConfigBackupCreate changes.
– BUG: Uploading file to Cloud fails if it comes from DocStore (SOLVED) (12.10.2020)
– NEW IPA-DesktopClient
– NEW Setup routine for IPA-Suite
– NEW IPA-DocStore: Encrypted document archive
– NEW Service: IPA-DocStore-Service
– OCR .84
– Feature Extension: DataExchanger now can copy variables into variable value, e.g. Meta1 – ReplaceIfEmpty – Barcode1
– Feature Extension: Store in IPA-DocStore
– Feature Extension: New tif compression algorythm
– Feature Extension: Input and output gif, png, bmp, wmf
– New admin tools addes for IPA-Suite (dateiAGENT-DB-Importer and DocStore-Folder-Importer)
– Optimized barcode recognition
– New html parser
– Renaming Convert2PDF.ini into IPA.ini
– Extented right click contextmenu on process
– Reordering and renaming Input tabs
– Changes checking if internet connection is available. Reduces network traffic significantly
– Enhanced licensing workflow
– BUG: If subject of imported email contains [ or ] character, this can end up in problems using variable Email-Subject (SOLVED)
– BUG: Error can occur handling datamatrix or QRcode barcodes for splitting (SOLVED)
– BUG: In some configurations, the defined fileformats to process cannot be read correctly (SOLVED) (31.07.2020)
– Feature Extension: New OCR dictionaries
– BUG: jpg files are not processed correctly (SOLVED) (08.07.2020)
– OCR .73
– Minor bugfixing (30.06.2020)
– OCR .72
– Enhanced licensing workflow
– BUG: Datamatrix, QR und PDF417: More than 1 barcode per page is not recognized (SOLVED) (26.06.2020)
– BUG: Creating metafiles using [Email-To] variable can show multiple adresses. (25.06.2020)
– Feature Extension: Scan to Word and Scan to Excel integrated. License option needed to use.
– BUG: If server has no internet connection while service starting, license will be show as corrupt and service stops (SOLVED) (24.06.2020)
– BUG: Online license activation sometimes not work properly (SOLVED)
– LS 5.5.0 (19.06.2020)
– OCR 71
– LS 5.4.5
– Feature Extension (BETA): Scan to Word and Scan to Excel integrated. License option needed to use.
– Feature Extension: TotalPageCounter live view in Admin Tool
– BUG: Some variables are not read correctly from configurations. This can occur critical issues since wrong configuration values can be used (SOLVED)
– BUG: Problems storing in Sharepoint, ftp, Dropbox and WebDav in some configurations (SOLVED)
– Changes in JobTable.csv. Now saved under JobTable2.csv.
– Minor bugfixing (05.06.2020)
– Feature Extension: New logging (_Processlog.csv) to log files been processed. Log is automatically deleted every day.
– BUG: Email attachmants minimum filesize is recognized in bytes not kilobytes (SOLVED)
– BUG: HiddenFlag IgnorePDFfinishedFlag is just read for first file after process started (SOLVED)
– Minor bugfixing (27.05.2020)
– OCR 68
– Feature Extension: txt files now can be processed and converted to pdf
– 1D barcode recognition optimized (26.05.2020)
– OCR 66
– BUG: DataExchanger (SOLVED)
– Minor bugfixing in logging (14.05.2020)
– BUG: Error 0378 in Logfile (SOLVED)
– Minor bugfixing (06.05.2020)
– Release Candidate

Convert2PDF (before renaming to IPA-Server) (18.04.2019)
– Minor bugfixing (28.03.2019)
– Minor feature changes (21.03.2019)
– Feature Extension: If html cannot be converted to pdf because html code is not valid, html stays in input folder
– Minor bugfixing (15.03.2019)
– BUG: If output is tif file, pages up from page 2 are duplicated in otput file (SOLVED)
– BUG: If filename with timestamp is created, the filename without the timestamp is written to dateiAGENT DB (SOLVED)
– Update OCR engine (1.9) (26.02.2019)
– Feature Extension: Icelandic language added
– Feature Extension: If incoming PDF is password protected, an email is send to defined admin user. If email responsible for not convertable files is set, then the email is send to this user.
– HiddenFlag: ConvertXmlToPDF=<true|false> If true, Convert2PDF will convert xml in input folder to pdf. xml metafiles in input are not working anymore if variable is ConvertXmlToPDF=true. Standard is false.
– HiddenFlag: ConvertXmlToPDFDeleteXml=<true|false> If true the xml will be deleted after conversion. Standard is false.
– Update OCR engine (1.6) (20.01.2019)
– Changed to .Net Framework 4.6.1
– Update OCR engine (1.3) (14.01.2019)
– Bug: OfficeDocsConverter is not working correctly with all the configurations (SOLVED)
– New variable [Org_FilepathLastSubfolder]. This variable is always filled with the last subfolder of the process start folder, e.g. c:\test\scanin –> ’scanin‘
– HiddenFlag: NoSecondMetafileIfScanToExistingPDF=<true|false> If true, the metafile will not be written a second time if already exists and Write into existing PDF is active
– Minor bugfixing (02.01.2019)
– BUG: Processing PDFs that have already searchable text, cannot be stored in other folder then input folder (SOLVED) (18.12.2018)
– New routine to check if incoming PDF has already text.
– Feature Extension: If upfront conversion of pdf to tif is disabled and incoming PDF has text, Convert2PDF will get text and also support Regex within text to find specific values. (04.12.2018)
– Update OCR engine (77)
– Xerox Fax no longer available
– Minor bugfixing in module barcodereading (13.11.2018)
– BUG: Some rtf formats are not converted correctly to PDF (SOLVED) (05.11.2018)
– BUG: On non german OS, xerox.txt will be created in wrong json formatting (SOLVED) (31.10.2018)
– Update OCR engine (72)
– Enhancements for converting jpg and gif to tif
– Processing also jpeg, not only jpg
– Enhancement in converting rtf, docx or txt to pdf
– BUG: POP3 stores incoming mails in c:\ (SOLVED)
– Minor bugfixing in logging
– BUG: Seperator runs in error creating Code128 or Code39 of Textbox2 is empty. (SOLVED)
– BUG: .tiff files are renamed to .tif, but stay in folder afterwards (SOLVED) (04.09.2018)
– Hidden configuration flag: WriteXmlCopy=<true> or <false> Standard value is <false>. If <true>, C2PDF will create original xml files in output folder. Be careful not to create loops. (21.08.2018)
– Update OCR engine (64) (20.08.2018)
– BUG: DataExchanger Module is not showing correctly in Admin Tool (SOLVED)
– Feature Extension: The RegEx for the Xerox xst Meta is editable
– Small changes in buffering new files. To calculate the maximum amount of files that can be copied to a watched folder, use the following formula: 65536 / (12 + <lenghts of path/filename> * 2) Example: With max filepathlenghts 65536 / (12 + 260 *2) = 123 files. (31.07.2018)
– Minor extension (27.07.2018)
– Minor bugfixing with timing of temporary xxy files
– Minor bugfixing writing metadata files
– Minor bugfixing sending emails (20.07.2018)
– Feature Extension: Barcode type PDF417 now fully supported (18.07.2018)
– Known issue: Using DataExchanger Module function EasyReplace, ‚;‘ and ‚#‘ is not supported search value (16.07.2018)
– Changing demomode to 45 days. More than 1000 pages a watermark is added to the PDF. More than 5000 pages, the service stops to work.
– Feature Extension: Picture PDFs can be processed in Extended Multi-Threading in Enterprise edition
– Feature Extension: MainOCRWithWhitelist active while OCR picture PDF (11.07.2018)
– Feature Extension: Enhanced color detection for bitonal document reduces size of PDF massive (10.07.2018)
– BUG: Still isuues when writing emailbody with umlauts from some email clients (SOLVED) (02.07.2018)
– Feature Extension: Splitting with text now works with Zone 1 to Zone 7. Attention: Zone7 must be configured with Admin Tool correctly. After that configure e.g. Zone 6 and add following 2 lines as hidden flags to config.ini in the config folder: BC6IsJobSplitter=True BC6IsJobSplitterValue=<value>
– BUG: If filename filter is active, ocr is disbled and pdf files are coming in, files stay in temp folder and are not deleted (SOLVED) (02.07.2018)
– Corrected Xerox JSON Format
– Umlauts are written correctly to email body pdf (28.06.2018)
– Feature Extension: Email details are copied to emailbody if converted to PDF
– BUG: *.gif files are recognized as not processable files when info email is enabled (SOLVED) (26.06.2018)
– Feature Extension: Store finished file via Webdav. Only in Enterprise Edition
– Feature Extension: Bypass input file to output folder. Will convert jpg and docx to tif/pdf before move. (25.06.2018)
– Update Mail.dll (22.06.2018)
– Update OCR engine (55)
– Update Admin Tool
– Update BCprint
– Update Seperator Tool
– Feature Extension: Extended ScanFromXerox
– Feature Extension: Searchable PDF and image PDF files are now supported with ZoneOCR
– Feature Extension: Use variables also in Scanlogpath
– Optimized waittimes (18.05.2018)
– Update Admin Tool
– Feature Extension: Certification level of digital certificates can be set in Admin Tool
– BUG: Design of digital certificates can be corrupt in some configurations (SOLVED) (14.05.2018)
– Update Admin Tool
– BUG: Error message because of splitting with text corrected (SOLVED)
– Changed error handling during process.
– BUG: Because of missing xxx file, barcode splitting runs in error in some configurations (SOLVED) (07.05.2018)
– Changed error handling during process. (24.04.2018)
– Feature Extension: Splitting with text now supports now also regular expressions to use in the string. (18.04.2018)
– Feature Extension: Added Xerox App
– Feature Extension: New standard variable added. This can be used in every variablefield: [guid] Generates an unique id that is unique for every specific scan process.
– Folderresponesdelay set to 1000 if preload of config for masterservers runs in exception
– BUG: Checking counter sends email to admin. Disabled now, just entry in logfile if logging is detailed (SOLOVED)
– BUG: Masterservers copies multiple image files with one configuration. Now it is just one image file (4994) (SOLVED) (21.03.2018)
– Feature Extension: New standard variable added. This can be used in every variablefield: [millisecond] Actual miilisecond
– BUG: Autorotate is not working correctly with some languages (SOLVED) (21.03.2018)
– Update OCR engine (43)
– Update Admin Tool
– Update BCprint
– Update Seperator Tool
– Feature Extension: Scanjobs can be splitted on behalf of found text on page.
– Feature Extension: oneQ print management solution is added as input. In oneQ Convert2PDF scan processes can be started.
– Feature Extension: Move IMAP emails to IMAP folder instead of just set read in inbox. Email will be deleted in inbox. Inbox will be processed completely, not only unseen emails are catched by Convert2PDF.
– Feature Extension: Email-In: Attachments and body can be stored in subfolder for processing
– Feature Extension: If body of email is processed, the filename of the body is subject + „_emailbody.html“
– Feature Extension: FileInput: Move file after process
– Feature Extension: Move files that have not supported format („.doc“, „.odt“, „.dotx“, „.dot“, „.xlsx“, „.xls“, „.xltx“, „.xlt“, „.ods“, „.pptx“, „.ppt“, „.odp“) to other folder.
– Feature Extension: OfficeDocsConverter integration
– Feature Extension: Set folder owner to specific user
– Feature Extension: Org_FilePath can be used in backup of input file and also in folder to move files that cannot be processed.
– Feature Extension: Emailbody will be stored just one time, not for every attachement.
– Feature Extension: png files are supported as input files. They will be converted to tif upfront and regulary processed.
– HiddenFlag: DeleteOrgFilepathAfterProcess=<true|false> will delete the original folder after process, but only if folder is empty.
– HiddenFlag: AttachMailbodyToFile=<true|false> will attach the emailbody to every attachment. Will only work if filename is not overwritten by other name then original filename. The attachments will be renamed with an extension „_#B“. Exporting metadata files is not supported with this option activated.
– BUG: JPGs are not processed coming by email. (SOLVED)
– BUG: Sending emails for not processed files not working in some situations. (SOLVED) (24.01.2018)
– BUG: Zonal OCR not working correct in some configurations (SOLVED) (22.01.2018)
– Update OCR engine (33)
– Update Admin Tool
– Update BCprint
– Update Seperator Tool
– Feature Extension: Backup file before process now backup also xml and xst files
– Feature Extension: Added OCR languages Arabian, Chinese traditional, Chinese simpel, Vietnamese
– Feature Extension: Actualized dictionaries for german and english language
– Hidden Flag: OCRZoneContext=Document|SingleLine|SingleWord|SingleBlock|SinglColumn|RawLine|SingleBlockVertical|SingleChar|SingleWordCircle|SparseText Select OCR context with Zone OCR (Standard is Document)
– Hidden Flag: notificationErrorTo=<email> Add to process config.ini to send error notifications not to standard admin, but to email mentioned in variable.
– New PDF compression algorithm
– BUG: Missing umlauts in scanlog (SOLVED)
– BUG: Critical issue with barcode reading (SOLVED) (05.01.2018)
– Update OCR engine (30)
– Update BCprint
– Update Seperator Tool
– Feature extension: Open selected process folder from Admin Tool with right click
– Changes in Master/Slave file handling (20.12.2017)
– BUG: Zone OCR has exception (SOLVED) (18.12.2017)
– Hidden flag: HelperBCConvert1bppTreshold=1…100 (Converts the scan into black and white just for barcode reading. Standard value is 50. To turn off converting to bw value must be set to 100. 1 means dark, 99 means lighter image.)
– Update OCR engine (28) (12.12.2017)
– BUG: DataExcahnger is not deleted correctly on Slaveservers (SOLVED) (07.12.2017)
– Feature Extension: SharePoint Online support
– Feature extension: Deleting pages based on text on page can be deleted now also with tif output. (05.12.2017)
– Changes in checking routine if slave server is free to take new files (04.12.2017)
– Feature extension: Conversion of docx, rtf and html is done on Master server before delivering to slave
– BUG: If delete blank page is active on Master/Slave Server configuration AND a page if 1 blank page comes into process, the slave server will not report to be ready after deleting this 1 page document (SOLVED)
– BUG: In some configurations documents are not processed because of error in process. This only occur in version or and productiv Standard licenses. (SOLVED) (28.11.2017)
– Feature extension: Input supports rtf files to process (Enterprise Version)
– Feature extension: Input supports docx files to process (Enterprise Version)
– Feature extension: Input supports html files to process (Enterprise Version)
– Feature extension: Emailbody can be written to html
– Feature extension: Get username for LDAP search from variable
– Feature extension: Integrated MRC compression for color documents
– Feature extension: Integrated Edge Enhancement method for picture enhancement
– Feature extension: Admin Tool supports now to create new folders and copy configurations within the Admin Tool (right click on folder) (08.11.2017)
– Feature extension: Cloud storage functionality for Google Drive, SharePoint, ftp and Dropbox
– Feature extension: PDF/A Version selectable
– Feature extension: PDF/A 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 2u, 3a, 3b, 3u support
– Feature extension: Metafile can be added to pdf as file attachment (ZUGFeRD standard)
– Feature extension: New Data Exchanger Module integrated in Admin Tool
– Feature extension: DataExchanger supports also RegularExpression to filter text in variable
– Feature extension: Delete pages in pdf that have specific text (in Enterprise Edition available)
– Feature extension: Split with blank pages
– Feature extension: FolderWatcher integrated. With this feature you can make sure that all files in defined folders are always processed completely.
– Feature extension: Set value to identify blank spaces in text more accurate (standard value is 0.8)
– Feature extension: Document Tester shows exact value for blank page confidence
– Feature extension: Seperator now supports to create datamatrix, QR-Code, Code 128 and Code 39 Extended in PDF
– Feature extension: Newest OCR engine implemented. More accurate OCR and up to 15% faster.
– Feature extension: More accurate and 20% faster barcode recognition for 1D and 2D barcodes
– Feature extension: Original Filepath can be used as variable
– Feature extension: Total Page Counter in Log
– Feature extension: Backup of configuration can be created with a history of 7 days
– BUG: Zonal OCR not recognize values in some OS languages (SOLVED) (24.10.2017)
– BUG: .bcf file can stay in temp\temp folder and is not deleted because of name mismatch. (SOLVED) (18.10.2017)
– BUG: Zonal OCR problem (SOLVED)
– BUG: Document Tester problem (SOLVED) (12.10.2017)
– Feature extension: Reporting extended (27.09.2017)
– Hidden Flag: TheTextInEmailBody=True|False (If True, the mailbody of send email will only have the full recognized text) (27.09.2017)
– Feature extension: StoreFileSecondLocation accepts now also dynamic variables (21.09.2017)
– Hidden flag: LDAPHomeDirExchange=““ String value to change LDAP attribute in which Homedir can be found. (30.08.2017)
– BUG: If converting pdf to tif and activate delete barcodepage for 1-page documents, the bcf file in temp folder is not deleted. (SOLVED) (04.07.2017)
– Feature extension: Data Exchanger Module now supports also partial exchanging of variable values (21.06.2017)
– Feature extension: Data Exchanger Module now supports to search and exchange variable values from txt or csv file. For example exchange barcode value ‚1234‘ into ‚John Doe‘. The txt or csv file must be comma separated (1234,John Doe). Each line in txt or csv can have one pair of values. (09.06.2017)
– Hidden flag: Some Xerox MFDs creates temporary .lck folder during image files are transfered to server. This flag tells Convert2PDF to wait to this folder is deleted what means the transfer is complete. Standard max waittime is 180 seconds, after this time the file will be processed. But to define a specific wait time you can use lckFolderWaitTime=x (in seconds).
– Feature extension: Set LDAP credentials by LDAP_Credentials.exe now also read ldap email when SAMaccountName is given to Convert2PDF and user is listed in LDAP directory. (06.06.2017)
– Feature extension: Set LDAP credentials by LDAP_Credentials.exe now also read userhome when email folder watched and sender is listed in LDAP directory (06.06.2017)
– Feature extension: Some Xerox machines create temporary .LCK folders while image files are created and saved in network. Convert2PDF checks if such a folder exists and if so, Convert2PDF will wait up to 3 minutes to folder is deleted my Xerox machine. (16.05.2017)
– Changes in Logging behaviour for LDAP authentification (10.05.2017)
– Feature extension: LDAP credentials can be set with additional tool LDAP_Credentials.exe (10.05.2017)
– BUG: If delete blank pages is active AND just a one page document is scanned AND Multi-Threading is active, the temp/temp folder is not cleaned completely (SOLVED) (25.04.2017)
– Feature extension: Zonal OCR now supports to delete blank spaces in recognized string
– Feature extension: Zonal OCR now supports to exchange values in recognized string (24.04.2017)
– BUG: docx cannot be send as email attachment (SOLVED) (29.03.2017)
– Feature extension: Masterserver now checks time that lck file exists for a specific processfile. If longer than 3 minutes, it will copy the processfile plus metadata into error folder. Same for Slaver servers, but here Administrator has to manually clean the root folder.
– BUG: With some mailserver configurations, CC and BCC are ignored (SOLVED) (16.03.2017)
– Hidden Flag: Script will be renamed and hold as .old if hidden flag „ScriptingModuleHoldScript“ is set.
– BUG: If using External Scripting Module, sometimes script is not started depending on filename of processed file. (02.03.2017)
– BUG: If Master/Slave configuration AND delete blank pages is active, config files are not deleted from Slave (SOLVED)
– BUG: If Master/Slave configuration AND delete blank pages is active AND filename contains „_“, the .bcf file is not deleted (SOLVED) (22.02.2017)
– Documentation Update
– BUG: If splitting by fixed pages is enabled AND blank page deletion enabled AND last page is a blank page AND xst or xml files are interpreted, xst, xml and bcf files are not deleted from temp\temp folder (SOLVED) (20.02.2017)
– Feature extension: Printing documents during process functionality extended. (16.02.2017)
– Feature extension: For email out the maximum filesize of an attachment can be set. If max filesize is reached, a link in the body is embedded to download the document instead of attach the document. If filesizelimit is activated and if delete files after process is set, only files that do not reach filesize limit are deleted.
– BUG: If barcodesplitting is active and xml files are given with the input, the xml files are not processed for the splitted documents (SOLVED)
– BUG: Watching email boxes sometimes boxes are not frequently rerquested in the order they should (SOLVED) (12.01.2017)
– Hidden Flag: If LDAP query is active you can enable the check if an account is disabled. Put this into folder config.ini: CheckIsAccountDisabled=<true|false> True will enable check. Default is false. (09.01.2017)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– ScanToWord Engine Update (
– Feature extension: Splitting with a fixed page set now also works for pdf documents with and without enabling the ocr engine.
– Feature extension: Defined waitime in process is not used on slave servers to maximize performance. Slave server will use own feature to check if file to process is in use.
– Hidden variable: [(,)|Org_Filepath] can be used to get the folderstructure of the original file. You have to put in manually into the variable field. Integration into dropdownlists will follow in later release.
– Hidden configuration flag: To get all barcodes and use this variable „[AllBarcodesInDocument]“ in textstamp: activate routine in config.ini of the processed folder „GetAllBarcodes=<true,false>“
– BUG: Resolve homedirectory from email-in results in error (SOLVED) (23.12.2016)
– Cleaning up *.lck files in \loadbalancer and \root if service starts
– Message „Stop logging because “ is not in normal logging
– Changes in LDAP search: Check if user in AD is inactive
– Convert to 1bit color depth and convert to 8bit color depth for output tif also works when Convert to xxx is set under pdf compression
– BUG: Using FolderCounter variable in some functions was 1 under real value (SOLVED) (08.12.2016)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– Feature extension: LDAP search checks if user is disabled. If disabled the homedir and emailadress of user are not read from AD.
– Some color changes in Admin Tool.
– Release notes can be checked pressing help button in new version messagebox (05.12.2016)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– BC print v4.1.2.0
– Document Tester v4.1.2.0
– Seperator v4.1.2.0
– Feature extension: Change fileowner to logged in user
– Feature extension: Add QR-barcode as stamp including metadata
– Feature extension: See and change Convert2PDF service status from Admin tool
– Feature extension: Interpret unstructured xml files or csv/txt files during Input process.
– Feature extension: Variable [pages] can be used in textstamp.
– Feature extension: Sending E-Mail with jpg as linked document is now available.
– Enhancements in barcode engine for 1D and 2D barcodes
– Hidden configuration flag: (TO BE SET IN MAIN CONFIG.INI) PDFs will also be processed if they are already created by Convert2PDF IgnorePDFfinishedFlag=<true>|<false> (ATTENTION: USE WITH CARE NOT TO CREATE LOOPS) (04.10.2016)
– New Admin Guide
– Feature extension: ScanMover now works together with Convert2PDF
– Feature extension: Better process structure in Master-/Slave configurations. LCK files implemented for big scans.
– BUG: FolderResponseDelay is not working in Master-/Slave Mode (SOLVED) (21.09.2016)
– BUG: E-Mail configuration file is not copied in MasterSlave configuration (SOLVED) (31.08.2016)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– BC print v4.0.2.0
– Document Tester v4.0.2.0
– Seperator v4.0.2.0
– Feature extension: Scan to Word
– Feature extension: Sign PDF documents in scanprocess with digital signature
– Feature extension: Load Balancing (Master Server do not need a license)
– Feature extension: Amount of used CPU threads can be set in steps 1
– Feature extension: C2PDF Service Rescue ( added. This service will restart the C2PDF service automatically if it stops and delelte the last image file that brought the service to stop
– Feature extension: Increased OCR quality. New OCR engine with new dictionary files
– Feature extension: Full QR-Code support
– Feature extension: New barcode recognition processes
– Feature extension: PDF compression can be configured highly adjustable
– Feature extension: Seperate PDF-Compressor tool added to installation folder
– Feature extension: JPG out is available
– Feature extension: Email to admin if error occurs
– Feature extension: Logfile can be set to be deleted automatically every night at 1am (default setting)
– Feature extension: PDF files now can also be splitted without converting to tif before
– Feature extension: Getting text from searchable PDFs using regular expressions now works without activating ocr
– Feature extension: Using Template Management with searchable PDFs now works without activating ocr
– Feature extension: Multiple LDAP servers are supported
– Feature extension: Waiting time before process starts with new file can be set
– Feature extension: A log can be activated that logs all files that are picked by a process
– Feature extension: DPI for converting PDF to TIF before process can be set in Admin Tool
– Feature extension: Enable or disable security function against looping documents as general setting
– Feature extension: DataExchanger can be manually implemented
– Feature extension: STARTTLS for email send
– Feature extension: Backup files now can be created before PDFs are converting to tif.

– Hidden configuration flag: NumbersFormater=<true>|<false> (If true than format for numbers is ‚,‘, false means ‚.‘)
– Hidden configuration flag: DPIConvert2TIF= now also used for ZoneOCR.
– Hidden configuration flag: WriteXstCopy=<true> or <false> If true C2PDF will create original xst files after process to manage cascated processes.

– BUG: Converting PDF upfront to tif results in 96dpi resolution. Also handles wrong pdf format. (SOLVED)
– BUG: Email attachment are always send as attachment, no matter attachment (checkbox) is activated or not. (SOLVED)
– BUG: If emailbox is watched and several emails come in with the same attachment name AND they are imported in same import, attachments are overwritten (SOLVED)
– BUG: If backup is created from jpg, only a tif is backed up, not the original jpg. (SOLVED)
– BUG: Sending emails the variables cannot used in body (SOLVED)
– BUG: Sending emails without authentification is not working (SOLVED)
– BUG: If emailbox is watched and several emails come in with the same attachment name AND they are imported in same import, attachments are overwritten (SOLVED)
– BUG: Sending emails always use port 587 if ssl is activated (SOLVED)
– BUG: Automatic page rotation works not correct in some cases. (SOLVED)
– BUG: Sometimes calculation tables are recognized as barcode. (SOLVED)
– BUG: Password protected PDFs are deleted if „Convert upfront to tif“ is enabled. (SOLVED)

– Known Issue: Fax issue if fax pdf is hold but renamed with timestamp added. (11.02.2016)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– ProjectPartnerTools (
– Feature extension: Extract ocr text with or without page seperator (25.01.2016)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– Feature extension: External Scripting Module to run external script during process available in Enterprise Edition
– Feature extension: Image Enhancement Module to optimize images before ocr them
– Hidden configuration flag: ESMScriptFileTempStorePath=<Path in form c:\test> This is to store the temporary and dynamic created scipt in another folder than the C2PDF temp folder. (12.01.2016)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– Update OCR (
– Update Document Test Tool (
– Update Seperator Tool (
– Update BCprint ( (07.12.2015)
– Hidden configuration flag: CreateMetafileANSI=<true> or <false> If true then Metadatafile will be stored in ANSI, else UTF-8
– Hidden configuration flag: SAPExportfileANSI=<true> or <false> If true then SAP export file will be stored in ANSI, else UTF-8

– Hidden configuration flag: ReadDatamatrixOnLastPage=<true> or <false> If true, Convert2PDF will search for a datamatrixcode on the last page of the scan.
– Hidden configuration flag: ReadDatamatrixOnLastPageRegEx=<regex> To use in combination with ReadDatamatrixOnLastPage=<true>
– Hidden variable for filename: [(,)|DataMatrixBarcodeOnLastPage] To use in combination with ReadDatamatrixOnLastPage=<true> (30.11.2015)
– BUG: Folder priority may not work correctly (SOLVED) (17.11.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– Feature extension: Use pages variable in filename
– Feature extension: Dots can be used in filename, for metafiles and SAP Exportfile
– Hidden configuration flag: FolderResponseDelay=<seconds>
– Reducing memory reservation with Barcode splitting processes (09.11.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– Feature extension: PDF/A-1b standard fully integrated
– Feature extension: Delete blank pages after fixed page splitting. This is good if you scan in duplex mode and you want to first split the document and afterwards delete blank pages.
– BUG: PDFs are not processed correctly if OCR is disabled. (SOLVED)
– BUG: If zone is stored without zone box, Convert2PDF service can stop. (SOLVED) (28.10.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– Update OCR (
– Update Document Test Tool (
– Update Seperator Tool (
– Update BCprint (
– Feature extension: Zonal recognition implemented
– Feature extension: Template Management implemented
– Feature extension: EasyFax for Xerox MFDs implemented
– Feature extension: Whitelist for characters that are recognized by main OCR and zonal ocr
– Feature extension: Windows 10 support
– Feature extension: LogView lets you comfortable analyse the logfiles
– Feature extension: Textfield stamp on every page
– BUG: If barcodesplitting is active and scanned document has no barcode on first page, service can hang. (SOLVED)
– Hidden configuration flag: WaitForFilesInUse=true|false , WaitForFilesInUseTime=<seconds> This is useful if the scanned images need time to be stored (file created by MFP but hold in use for writing) by the MFP but the process order is important and must be in the order the files are created. (23.09.2015)
– Feature extension: Zonal recognition implemented as BETA
– Feature extension: Dots („.“) now can be used also in filenames in the out module.
– BUG: Variable [(,)|Org_Filename] is having file extension not correct while using email out modul (SOLVED)
– BUG: Datamatrix barcodes in some documents are not used for splitting documents (SOLVED) (02.09.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– Feature extension: JPG files can be excluded from processing
– Feature extension: XML input now supports up to 10 Metadata variable (Example RegEx: <file>(.*)</file>|<user>(.*)</user> will grap data from nodes file and user and write it to Meta1 and Meta2)
– BUG: Interpreting xml files is working correctly, but configuration is shown wrong in Admin Tool (SOLVED) (31.08.2015)
– BUG: Autorotate pages cannot be disabled in Enterprise license. (SOLVED) (27.08.2015)
– Feature extension: Interpreting xml files during input now supports also regular expressions with or (|) pattern
– BUG: Interpreting xml files during input works not correctly with regular expressions (SOLVED) (25.08.2015)
– Feature extension: Load balancing option with two Convert2PDF servers can be configured (ask IT-SCom support for more instructions)
– BUG: Autorotate is not working correctly in Multithreaded processes if pagecount of scanned document is less than pagecount that should use multithreading (SOLVED)
– BUG: LoggedInUser variable is not cleared after each file processed (SOLVED) (18.08.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– Feature extension: Take care about barcode ordering on page (11.08.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– Feature extension: New registration process makes it easier for customers and partners
– BUG: Using Multi-Thread processes, blank pages are not deleted using barcodes splitting (SOLVED)
– BUG: Using Kyocera Panel Plus xml files, with some machines they are not processed (SOLVED) (10.07.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– Update OCR (
– Update Document Test Tool (
– Update Seperator Tool (
– New tool to create barcode pages very fast „BC print.exe“ (
– Feature extension: New Enterprise License available
– Feature extension: Multi-Thread (up to 64 parallel threads) processing for multipage scans for significant more performance available in Enterprise License.
– Feature extension: Scan to user homedirectory now usable with email-in. The sender address will be searched in Active Directory to recognize the homedirectory in AD to store processed attachments in the users homeDir.
– Feature extension: Read and use Kyocera Panel Plus xml files as Meta1 to Meta10
– Feature extension: Read and use xml files as Meta1 to Meta10. Relevant text in xml can be defined with regular expression.
– Feature extension: OCR language added for Japanese language
– Feature extension: You now can set the minimum size of the attachments to be processed.
– BUG: Multiple barcodes on first page are not recognized correctly if no regex filter are used but barcodes are different barcode types. (SOLVED) (22.06.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– Update Document Test Tool (
– Feature extension: Adding page numbers to every page (only for PDF output)
– Feature extension: Adding image stamps to first page (only for PDF output)
– Feature extension: Page rotation function extended (only for PDF output)
– Feature extension: Document Test Tool can check confidence for blank pages
– BUG: ‚ in filename/path runs into error (SOLVED) (12.06.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Update (
– Update OCR (
– Feature extension: Sending emails now also support barcode values.
– Feature Extension: OCR can be deactivated to create picture PDF documents.
– Feature Extension: Autorotation for pages can be deactivated (Up to 20% higher processing speed).
– Feature extension: Delete processed file after email.
– Feature extension: Delete processed file after print.
– Feature Extension: If delete barcodepage is active, first page is only deleted if barcode is on page.
– Feature Extension: If delete blank page is active, you have the choice how to handle 1 page documents.
– Feature Extension: New Excel based barcodegenerator tool in <installation>\etc folder. Print barcodes on Zweckform labels.
– Confirmation needed to delete folder configuration.
– BUG: Opening PDFs in some PDF viewer show strange characters in additional pdf layer. (SOLVED)
– BUG: Bate stamps not work properly. (SOLVED) (28.04.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– Update OCR (
– Update Document Test Tool (
– Seperator Tool (
– Feature Extension: Email-In to watch mailboxes per folder
– Feature Extension: Scan to RA-Micro
– Feature Extension: jpg are processed. Send photo from mobile device via email will be processed
and send back to originator.
– Feature Extension: Tool to generate barcode pages (Seperator.exe)
– Feature Extension: Additional output folder to store the processed file in
– Feature Extension: Variable „Org_filename“. This is the original source filename.
– Feature Extension: Serialnumber in Logfile and Admin Tool
– Feature Extension: Extended logging functions
– BUG: Folderpriority works not with enabled „Hold barcodevalue“ (SOLVED)
– BUG: Stabilty problem with enabled detailed logging (SOLVED) (24.03.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– Feature Extension: SSL for email
– Feature Extension: Logo changeable for PRO-Contract partners
– Feature Extension: Service version can be shown in Admin tool
– BUG: Translation issues in english version (SOLVED) (23.03.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– BUG: Translation issues in english version (SOLVED)
– BUG: Sometimes folder in Admin Tool showed multiple times (SOLVED) (17.03.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– Feature Extension: Every DATAMATRIX barcodevariable can set to a barcode. No longer is barcode1 only the first barcode found on page.
– Barcodesplitting more accurate respones on barcodes if sensitivity is set to high.
– Feature Extension: PDF files can be converted to tif files before process starts (Impemented for Xerox AppStudio that only cannot create multipage tiff)
– Feature Extension: More performance processing files
– Feature Extension: Processed files can be stored into existing PDF if PDF already exists
– Feature Extension: You can print to up to 5 printers
– Feature Extension: Variables MetaX can be used in stamps
– Feature Extension: Document-Tester to test barcodes and to enhance documents included
– Registration.exe is based on .NET 4
– Standard language of Admin Tool is now English (05.03.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– Update OCR
– Filename and filepathfilter no longer case sensitive.
– When printing you can set if autorotation (landscape/portrait)is active or not.
– Blank page deletion is done before splitting to save time.
– BUG: Filter with no pdf will not delete PDF from temp folder. (SOLVED)
– BUG: If files are barcode splitted and path to store is overwritten, just first file will be stored in correct path, the other files will be stored in input folder. (SOLVED)
– BUG: If „Delete Barcodepage“ is true, then only 1-page documents will be deleted correctly. (solved)
– BUG: xxx files are not deleted from temp\temp folder if barcodepage is deleted and barcodepage is only page in document. (SOLVED) (26.02.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– Convert2PDF Service Version:
– Feature Extension: Every Barcodevariable can set to a barcode. No longer is barcode1 only the first barcode found on page.
– Feature Extension: Up to 10 Xerox metavalues possible.
– Rotate pages before interpreting barcodes (25.02.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– Additional countries in registration tool
– Registration tool can be started out of Admin tool
– Help buttons only in German languages
– Administration Guide included
– Planning Guide included (20.02.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– Feature Extension: Number of copies can be set as xst_Meta variable
– BUG: Printing in duplex mode will cause 1-paged documents not to print correctly (SOLVED) (18.02.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– Hold configuration of previous installation after update
– Extended OCR to newest featureset (more performance and accuracy)
– Feature Extension: Text extraction from processed file via regular expression search in text („Zonal extraction“)
– Feature Extension: Scan-to-Mail
– Feature Extension: Scan-to-Print
– Feature Extension: Support for Datamatrix Barcodes
– Feature Extension: Multiple barcodes
– Feature Extension: Hold barcode value
– Feature Extension: Regular expressions can be used in several filter strings marked with ***)
– Feature Extension: Counter variables can be used in metafile store path
– Feature Extension: Set folder security for new files copied from Convert2PDF to folder
– BUG: Sorting after barcodesplitting is not correct if original documents has more than 9 documents to split (SOLVED)
– BUG: If override existing files is set to no, the sorting of new files is not correct, because timestamp digits (SOLVED)
– BUG: LDAP configuration is not available on english systems because button is missing (SOLVED) (27.01.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– Feature Extension: Sorting of documents will optimize file processing sequenze
– Feature Extension: It can be set a priority on folder level. Documents in folder with high priority will be processed first.
– Feature Extension: Foldername and/or filename must contain string to be processed
– Feature Extension: Variables can be used to define metafilepath and name (20.01.2015)
– BUG: FileFilterOCR is used from main config, not from Folderconfig (SOLVED) (20.01.2015)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– English language in Admin tool added
– Feature Extension: Reset or set foldercounter
– Feature Extension: Set PDF settings
– Feature Extension: Help menu to get callback or to start remote support
– Feature Extension: Also pdf with text (searchable PDF) will be processed. Text is extracted for SAP.
– Feature Extension: Amount of digits for counters can be set per folder
– BUG: Demomode fails (SOLVED) (04.12.2014)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– Feature Extension: Integration to read Xerox xst files. We will interpret the MFP LoggedInUser and Document Data Fields named „Meta1“ to „Meta5“
– Feature Extension: Integration of LDAP query to read user homeDirectory and E-Mail using the LoggedInUser variable from Xerox xst file
– Feature Extension: Add function to print barcode on document during process (even on tiff output)
– Feature Extension: SAP Extension: Extract OCR text to seperate text file
– Feature Extension: Set sensitivity of barcode reading for splitting
– Feature Extension: Set path and filename for metafile creation
– Feature Extension: Store processed file also in extension *.tif (not only *.tiff)
– Feature Extension: Create csv export file
– Feature Extension: Create backup of sourcefile before processing
– Add create textfile to show trialperiod in Admin Tool
– Add colored square to recognize selected configuration in Admin tool
– Add demotime in days and license error notification in Admin tool
– Cleaned up Admin tool interface
– Bug: Fixed page separation works not with 1 page documents. (SOLVED) (17.11.2014)
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– Feature Extension: Output format can be .tiff file. All other functions like seperation, stamps, etc. worls like with pdf
– Feature Extension: Seperate job after fixed amount of pages
– Examples added for metafile creation
– Bug: If Admin Tool opens some values set before are not read back correctly. (SOLVED)
– Bug: Updating Convert2PDF will not overwrite the Convert2PDF.ini in the installationfolder. (SOLVED) (05.11.2014) Release Candidate
– Convert2PDF Admin.exe Version:
– Feature Extension: Automatic page rotation detected by OCR
– Feature Extension: Counters usable as variables Maincounter, Foldercounter, Totalpagecounter
– Feature Extension: Convert scanned image to black and white before ocr
– Feature Extension: Write output description file as ASCII-File.
– Feature Extension: Variable for pagecount of the created pdf
– Feature Extension: Blank pages can be deleted
– Feature Extension: Use barcodevalue as foldername (barcodevaluepart useable)
– Feature Extension: Overwrite finale filename and storepath
– Feature Extension: Renamed files will be processed. This is important for Scans with Kyocera MFPs and all other that creates first a temporary file before storing the final tif image.
– Feature Extension: Admintool to configure folders included
– Feature Extension: Choose barcodetype to rename or to split documents
– Feature Extension: Barcode seperator page is deleted from destination file
– Feature Extension: Recreating temp and error folders if does not exist
– Feature Extension: error Folder implemented
– Feature Extension: Version of Service in logfile
– Installation folder changed
– SQLExpress 2012 LocalDB in Setup included
– English OS has problems connecting to DB. .NET Framework Runtime Update 4.0.2 has to be installed
– Bug: Uninstall removes also services of dateiAGENT Pro. (SOLVED)
– Bug: In Debugmodus or Detailsmodus the original file is not delted in the end and service hangs (SOLVED)
– Bug: If a file already exists and this file is write protected, then the new file is deleted completely (SOLVED)
– Bug: .tiff images result in error because it is not deleted correctly (SOLVED)
– Bug: If sourcefile is a .pdf, it will not delete the sourcefile after processing it (SOLVED)

** (02.10.2014)
– BUG: Documents with capital letters in file extension will bring service to loop with first file in process. (SOLVED)

** (26.09.2014)
– Variable for date to use in TextField stamp
– Split by barcode fully implemented
– Possibility to rename file if already exists
– Barcodereading for filename
– Bug: Deletes file without barcode if barcode split is enabled (SOLVED)
– Bug: Only stores first page of document when splitting by barcode (SOLVED)
– Bug: Accessing a file nearly finished brings Service to stop (SOLVED)

** (16.09.2014)
– Configuration per folder possible. Just copy configuration in subfolder and change options (leave FolderToWatch and subfolder section as is!!!)
– Check if pdf is already converted by Convert2PDF, so it will not start to process again

** (12.09.2014)
– PDF/A support
– Add textfield
– Add circle stamp
– Pack pdf to reduce size
– Minor bugfixes

** (05.09.2014)
– Page rotation
– Picture PDF to searchable PDF

** (03.09.2014)
– New OCR languages added

** (29.08.2014)
– Release candidate

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